Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We are SO lucky!

We've been so lucky with one major thing since Mara was born. SLEEP.

It's a pretty major thing, as any new parent will tell you! And I try not to take for granted how lucky we are. She has consistently slept through the night since July (about 10 weeks old). That was the first time I tried to start a bedtime routine for her, and it worked. Sure, she's had a couple rough nights here and there, and sometimes she'll put up a little fuss before she falls asleep, but for the most part, we have been extremely lucky.

Sometimes on the weekend (when we don't have to get her up for daycare) she'll even sleep in until 8am. I used to think that was early. Now, it's a chance for me to sleep in, and I love it!

I'm not going to jinx anything here, so I'm definitely 'knocking on wood' as I type this!

I realize this is NOT the norm for a lot of parents, and I try to really appreciate it every night!

When she's being a difficult toddler (or teenager!) I'm sure I'll look back on these 'easy' days -- when I could put her to bed and she'd talk to herself for a little while and then go to sleep, and Jay and I would have the evening to ourselves. I'm definitely enjoying it while I could change at any time. But my fingers are crossed that it won't!


Jenny said...

We have been very lucky in this area as well. Both boys started sleeping through the night fairly early on. Matthew was a good napper when I was working 3rd shift, and Connor just needed to get up when Daddy got home from work for awhile there. They both go to bed when I do (10:30), since their daddy works 2nd shift. They usually get up sometime between 8 & 9. So I get to sleep in on the weekends too. :)

Andrea said...

You are DEFINITELY extremely lucky! We were not so lucky with Lili (did not consistently sleep through the night until 1 year)...and it's still too early to tell with Will. My fingers are crossed that he'll be a "little Mara", but with boy parts! HA!