Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nine Months Old

I can't believe that our little Maralyn is 9 months old today! She's now been on the 'outside' as long as she was on the 'inside' -- and the 'outside' time has gone WAY faster! ;)

She's having a rough afternoon (has a bad cold and possibly some teeth coming in), so it was hard to get any decent pictures of her. These are the closest that we got to a smile. And once she figured out that she could get up on her knees and grab the lamp, she went for that instead of sitting.

I have a feeling our days of 'easy' photos are in the past!

We went to the doctor yesterday for Mara's 9 month appt and got her 'stats' for the month:

Weight: 22lbs 9oz

Length: 28.5 inches

She's a big girl, but her weight has slowed down a bit (she's now AT the 97th percentile instead of ABOVE it!). Our doctor said she looks great! Well, duh! :)

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Tobi said...

hehe...such cute pics! yep, i bet it's gonna be hard for her to sit still now that she's figured out how to get around quicker!