Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hat Hair

This is how Mara's hair looked tonight after taking off her hat. And TWO hoods. And a blanket. (Yeah, it was that cold!). I love her outfit was the warmest thing I could find to put her in, and even though it's a little big, it looks so cute and comfy!

We've been playing upstairs most of the evening, since it's so much warmer up here. Thank goodness it's going to start warming up a little bit tomorrow.

Mara will be going to bed in a little while, and then I just plan to watch some TV (new episode of The Office tonight!) and then read a bit. I could probably find something productive to do, but I'm feeling kind of lazy!


Jenny said...

That is a great picture of Mara & Jay together. :) This cold snap is nuts! It was so cold yesterday that even Matthew didn't ask to go outside! I am SO ready for spring!

Tobi said...

hehe...cute! such a happy kid!

Kirsten W. said...

That is a cute cozy outfit! We've been very into layers here, too. Brrr. love the hat hair!