Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We had a pretty lazy weekend. Mara ate some very messy food for lunch yesterday (vegetable beef I think?). Couldn't resist the picture. What a mess! Later on, Jenna and Derek came over to play. Mara showed off with a little crawling, and then showed everyone how her toys worked. She didn't mind Derek's hat, as long as it stayed out of her eyes so she could keep playing!

In other news, my head was feeling pretty good for the last couple least until this afternoon -- now the dang headache is back. I'm hoping it's just weather-related since it's so cold again. But maybe I need to think about going to the doctor...I guess (can you tell I'm reluctant??).

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Me :) said...

She's adorable! I hope your headache goes away (and stays away) soon.