Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Lobster, Take Two

The last time we took Mara to Red Lobster I forgot my camera - it was her first trip to the restaurant and her first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant (yes, everything is an 'event' for me).

So, this time I didn't forget the camera! Mara was such a good girl. She just sat in her seat, watched us, and watched everyone around her. She barely made a peep, and played with the kid's menu they gave her (maybe someday she'll order something off of it - they even have a crab legs option!).

When we were leaving, we stopped so she could watch the lobsters in the tank - she seemed interested, and even giggled at them. Very cute!

We stopped into Barnes and Noble since we were nearby, and wandered around there for a little while. They have an awesome kids book section, so Jay read Mara a book while I looked around.

Next on our list of things to do -- get a small stroller! The stroller that we have is nice, but it's huge and we definitely need something smaller for trips like this! Mara is way too heavy to just carry around!


Jenna said...

YUM! Red Lobster! I havent been there in so long. You guys really are lucky if you can take her to a restaurant and have her just hang out like that. Such a good little girl!
And shes wearing the sweater I gave her! It looks cute on her! :)

Tobi said...

sounds like a great time! mmm red lobster! hehe.

Andrea said...

Dude...I still think you should have given her a cheesy biscuit! She would have gone nuts on it!

Katie said...

I tried to give her a little bit, but she still has no interest in table food at all! She likes to hold it, but not eat it!

Jenna said...

that is too funny! I would never pass up a cheesy biscuit! ;)