Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Carseat

Mara is out-growing her infant carseat, so we decided to take a look at the next carseat. We bought these a few months ago, but hadn't checked them out yet. She looks like such a big girl in this one (although not an especially happy girl in this picture!). It will definitely be less convenient since we won't be able to just grab the infant carrier and go, but she is getting way too heavy (and tall!) for that. I was hoping to make it through the winter, since it's easy to just throw a blanket over her in the carrier, but at least we made it this long I guess.

Hopefully Jay will install these today so we can start using them. Crawling, and a 'big girl' carseat...Mara is growing up way too fast lately!


Andrea said...

She really looks like she loves that carseat! Ha!!

Crazy how one minute they're these itty bitty babies and next thing you know, they're MOBILE! =-)

Tobi said...
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Tobi said...

hehe...yeah, she looks mad and way too big for that to be her 'big girl carseat'. she's definitely growing up fast!!

Alicia said...

How is Mara liking her new car seat? Hannah had started to get really fussy in the car every time I'd put her in, so I thought her new big girl seat would help, but it hasn't so far. =( Guess it's just an I-hate-the-car phase. She does seem to really enjoy being able to look out the window now.