Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change of Plans

Today we were supposed to head up to my sister Shelly's house to hang out with them and our friend Andrea (and her husband and kiddos), and for dinner. We started driving, and the further we got, the worse the roads seemed. People were going really slow, snow was blowing, and covering the highway in places. Saw a couple cars in the ditch, and I was starting to get nervous. We decided to turn around. I knew if we went, I'd just be nervous the whole drive up there, and then nervous the whole time we were there about driving home. So, we stopped at my parents for a little while since we were close by and we hadn't seen them for a couple weeks. Grandpa and Grandma were excited to play with Mara, and she showed off by ALMOST crawling (really close this time!!).

When we got home, I took off Mara's hat, and her hair was so sweaty and messed up that it looked like she had curly hair! Poor girl!! We had stopped for some food, and got ice cream too. I wanted to see if Mara would eat any of it, since she's so picky about what she eats (she loves baby food, but isn't interested in anything else!). Anyway...she didn't eat that whole spoonful in the photo, but she DID seem to like the little lick that she got, although she made a funny face at first of course! She started yelling for more, but after a couple licks I decided that was probably enough for now.

We might watch a movie tonight, otherwise I'll probably just read, or maybe try to do something productive around the house...


Michelle said...

At least Grandpa and Grandma got to see her! Ice cream sounds yummy. I was thinking maybe we could reschedule to February 7th? Keep it in mind! I'm off to eat some guacamole now! ;)

Jenna said...

Almost crawling?! Yay! :) Hopefully I'll be able to stop over sometime soon!