Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby, it's COLD outside

It's COLD. I'm ready for spring!!

Mara spent the day at home with Daddy today (daycare is closed for a few days). She'll be home again tomorrow too. It's VERY COLD here, so it was a good time to spend all day in nice warm pjs! She got these from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas, and they are sooo snuggly and warm (not to mention really cute!). I wish I could have spent the day at home in my pjs too! It's one of those days when you barely step outside and you're already chilled to the bone! And it's not going to get much better in the next few days!

Can you see the hint of green in my hair in the picture here? No one has really seemed to notice yet (or maybe people are just too polite to comment?), so I'm just going to let it fade out by itself!


Andrea said...

That is such a cute pic of the two of you!!! I don't see any green though.........I'm thinking next time you should just dye it ALL green...on purpose! =-)

Jenny said...

It IS cold - I am SO ready for spring! By the way, I think Connor has all of the same toys that are in the pictures! Oh, and I don't see the green in your hair!