Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Christmas Present!

Today Mara got a package in the mail! It was from Laura and Daniel...they were afraid it had been lost in the mail, but it finally arrived (maybe it WAS lost for awhile!). It was like Christmas again!

What a cool gift! Jay of course was excited because it's Mara's first video game! It looks like fun, and something she'll be able to enjoy for a long time, since some of the cartridges are for babies, and some for toddlers.
Thanks Laura and Daniel!! :)


Michelle said...

Looks like fun!

Me :) said...

So cute! Merry Christmas - again!

Tobi said...

ooh, how fun! hope mara's feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

That took SOOO long! It was mailed at the exact same time as the other one!!!!

I'm glad it arrived - finally. :)


Katie said...

yeah - it must have gotten held up somewhere!

Andrea said...

Geez...at this rate Mara is going to be getting X-mas presents on her BIRTHDAY!! =-)

By the way...LOVE the monkey onesie in the last set of pics!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy it go there. I am glad she likes it.

now i hope jay will let her play with it even tho it is a video game hehe.


Katie said...

Mara will probably have to fight Jay to get a chance to play it...he thinks it's pretty cool of course!! ;)