Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday I went to the mall. I am NOT a big shopper. I usually avoid the mall. I mean, I love shopping for stuff for Mara (a little TOO much, sometimes!), but just don't shop that much for myself. Besides not wanting to spend the money, I'm just not the kind of person that likes to shop (my mom can vouch for me on that one!!). I don't like trying on clothes, and I don't like dealing with the crowds.

I had some giftcards, so I headed to Macy's first. Tried on a few things, and decided on a sweater. It was regularly $60, but was marked down to $30. It also had a sign near it that said 15% off. I was pleasantly surprised when it rang up as only $12! What a deal! I wish they had the sweater in another color too, I would have gotten it! I found a couple other things, also on sale, and even got Mara a couple pairs of pjs that were half off (yes, I know, I don't need to use MY Christmas gift to buy things for her, but it was a good price!). After all of that, I still have $30 left on the card, so I might go back sometime and see if they have any shoes that I like.

I also have several Barnes and Noble giftcards from Christmas, and had a couple books that I wanted to pick up for sure. That store was PACKED and I have no patience for that (normally I can browse through a bookstore for hours!), so I grabbed the books and left without looking around too much.

It was really nice to do a little shopping, get some great deals, and not have to 'pay' for any of it!!


Michelle said...

It's always more fun to shop when you get good deals!

Claudia said...

I could have written you post about the love of shopping! I'm so glad you found stuff you liked, though! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a steal! I know what you mean about shopping. I hate dealing with crowds, lines, trying on clothes, etc. Ugh.