Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter Mania!

I realized that I almost typed 'maniac' in the title...which really wouldn't be too far off!

I am somewhat obsessed with all things Harry Potter, so I had been counting down for a long time, to the most recent movie. Jay is the one that got me hooked on the movies (and the books!) and we've gone to all of them together. The newest one (part one of the two) came out on Friday, and we went to a 9:15am showing.

It was fabulous!! Well worth the wait, and makes me want to re-read the books (again...). I am excited and sad - only one movie left. I think it will be amazing, but bittersweet. The end is near...


But for now, I'm just trying to plan when I can go back to see this movie again!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The kids wore orange to daycare on the Friday before Halloween. Mara loved her pumpkin shirt and was excited to wear it!

She was not as excited about her giraffe costume! :( She barely wore it all weekend. She put it on for a little while at her daycare party, but it's hard to tell what she is without the hood on!

EJ on the other hand...he seemed to like his Harry Potter costume! This was one of the only shots I got of him with the glasses on - he was pretty interested in his pumpkin at daycare!

Mara did a craft project at her Halloween party.
The three grandchildren, at Grandpa and Grandma's house the day before Halloween. Mara wouldn't wear her costume, but at least she had her pumpkin shirt on!

I just love this picture of EJ with the pumpkin! He looks just perfect, and so happy!!
We went to visit my Grandma on Halloween, and I got this cute picture of her holding EJ!

Mara put her costume on long enough to get a piece of candy from Great Grandma. Then she wanted it off again!
I did manage to get a few pictures of Mara with the pumpkin...maybe next year she'll pose in her costume!!