Sunday, March 29, 2009

11 Months Old!

Mara is 11 months old today! I know I say it every month, but...I can't believe it!

As is becoming the norm now, it was hard to get any good pictures. This was day two of NO NAPS (who knows what was going on today, but she was NOT interested in a nap!), so she was a little crazy already, and half the pictures I took are of her trying to get off the chair to get to me and the camera. But, we did get at least a couple decent photos for the scrapbook!

After the pictures, we went to the library and out to dinner. Was that brave or stupid of us, after two days with no naps? It went fine, she was a little vocal during dinner, but luckily we were tucked away in a corner of the restaurant, so I don't think she bothered anyone too much!

Luckily she went to sleep with no problem tonight. Happy 11 months, Maralyn!


Andrea said...

HA! I am so glad Mara gave you a run for your money after months and months of such perfect photo shoot behavior! Haha... Just kidding! Believe me, I know how hard it is to get the munchkins to hold still. You got some great pics though, despite the escapes!


Tobi said...

hehe...soo cute! seriously, though, 11 months?!!!! crazy!!