Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mara and her Friends

Yesterday our friends came over for a little playdate. Three kids under a year old makes for an interesting afternoon! Kiley brought Kaisen (1 year) and Maggie and Marshall brought Lydia (4.5 months). Mara is 10.5 months.

Mara wasn't too sure about all the people right away, but relaxed after a little while. She checked out Lydia for awhile, and she and Kaisen played a bit too (or at least played NEAR each other anyway).

It was difficult to get a decent picture of the three of them - usually one was upset or looking in a completely different there are some interesting shots! But I got a couple cute ones!

It was fun to see the other kiddos...they are all growing up so fast!


Andrea said...

So cute! I think it's so much fun to get my friends together with their kids so we can see how big each has gotten. It's so funny to see all these little people together, big and small, with their personalities and smiles! Looks like they ended up having a pretty good time together! =-)

Tobi said...

hehe--too cute! they're all like, 'what the heck, mom/dad?!!'. looks like a fun time, though!!

Jenna said...

cute! Before long, Mara will have a cousin to play with too! How exciting!! :)