Saturday, March 7, 2009


Mara thought it would be fun to climb under her exersaucer last night. It sure was fun...until she wouldn't get out. She managed it eventually, and then went right back in again! So, I guess it must not have been too bad.

She is getting pretty brave about checking things out now. She tries to squeeze into small spaces, loves chasing after the cats and playing with all of their toys. She's discovered that she can pull herself up on most anything, and loves to do it. She's not really interested in taking steps yet, just standing.

Jay is working today, and I'm not feeling too hot yet, so Mara and I are just going to hang out at home. There is a Harry Potter marathon on, so I'm sure we'll be watching that and playing. Hopefully I can get a little cleaning done too, but that's about the extent of my planning for the day!


Michelle said...

Doesn't look like it freaked her out too much. =)

Andrea said...

You know...I'm now realizing that Lili never even tried to crawl under hers...hmmm... It's so funny to see how mischievous they become, huh? =-)