Sunday, March 15, 2009


Mara's Great Grandpa and Grandma gave her this USA Coin map for her baptism this past summer. And for Christmas, Great Grandma gave her all of the quarters to fill it! We hadn't put them into the book yet, so we decided to do it this weekend. Mara had a good time playing with the quarters (especially when she realized they made noise when they hit each other or other things!). When we'd put one into the map, she'd try to get it back out...but eventually we got them all in, and got her to pose next to it for a picture (this involved a lot of pictures of her crawling away or holding her monkey in front of her face, of course!)

Hopefully we'll be able to use the map to teach her her states in several years. And it will be a great keepsake from her Great Grandparents too!


Michelle said...

Cute! Grandma will love seeing those photos!

Andrea said...

If she likes quarters that much, maybe she will become an accountant someday? =-)