Friday, March 20, 2009

Mara's Favorite Book

Ever since we got this book, Mara has loved it. It's been her favorite book by far. I don't know if it's just the way I read it, or what. She loves it! The book is getting torn apart from her 'reading' it so much. She loves the pictures, but doesn't even need to look at the book to enjoy it. Jay and I can both recite the whole thing, and a lot of the time, I just recite it to her, without even picking up the book. She loves it! She'll be doing something else, and as soon as you start with the first line, she'll turn and grin at us and get excited. It's so funny! It's a great way to distract her when she's about to get into something naughty too! I tried to find some other Corduroy board books the other day at the bookstore, but they only had the paper versions. I think I'm going to order a couple online. Hopefully she'll like other Corduroy stories just as much as this one. Who knew a book about going to the doctor and getting a shot could be so exciting? Wonder if she'll still like it when she realizes what "do I get a shot?" actually means!

My favorite part of the book:
"Corduroy has grown a lot this year, and gained a lot of pounds. Too many cookies, Corduroy!"

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Jenna said...

that is so cute! Maybe she'll be a nurse someday like auntie Jenna :)