Monday, March 2, 2009

Food Woes

If you know Mara, you probably know that she loves to eat. The girl has never held back from letting us know when she's hungry. She tends to be pretty vocal about it, and we've never had problems getting her to eat her share of food.

But now that she's getting older, we've been trying to work out the transition from baby foods to table foods. And it's not going so well!

She eats baby food with no problem. And still loves her formula. But anything 'solid' or with chunks - not so much. We keep trying different things to get her more comfortable with food, and we sometimes have a little success, but then the next time she wants nothing to do with it.

And since she doesn't like to put things in her mouth, she won't pick things up to eat them. She'll grab a cracker...and then just look at it and play with it. It's very odd. She'll stick her fingers in her food, but won't put them in her mouth. She'll hold a spoon, but not put it anywhere near her mouth.

Sometimes I get really worried about it (mostly because everyone tells us how weird it is), but other times I just think she'll figure it out when she's ready. We'll just keep trying things and see what happens. Maybe one day she'll just decide that she wants to eat 'real' food and will do it!


Celestia said...

Katie, she will figure it out when she is ready. Don't worry about it. Abram hated foods with texture for a really long time. It took him a while to eat on his own, but he is good now. She is just proving to you that she is her own little person and can't be compared to others.

Anonymous said...

From the perspective of a long-suffering food phobe, I beg you to be patient on this one. She'll eat different things when she's good and ready and not a moment before - if ever! Don't stress yourselves about it, it's nothing you can't make work. ;)


Michelle said...

If she only knew what she was missing! ;)

Renee said...

Just keep an eye on it, how long has this been going on?
A lot of babies go through food aversions, but maybe something is upsetting her tummy? With my oldest, when we were introducing new foods/etc, we found out he was intolerant to a few things, when he really wouldn't eat finger foods anymore.

You can always call your pediatrician if you are concerned- they don't mind!

Katie said...

thanks for the comments!
Renee - she has never liked anything 'solid' really. So, it's not a new thing. We talked to the doc at her 9 month appt and she told us to just keep trying. So, we're trying different things. She is eating yogurt ok (the baby stuff with fruit in it). Some days she is fine with a stage three food that has some chunks, and other days isn't. She will eat non-baby food stuff, if it's soft (applesauce, jello). We're going to keep trying, and talk to the doc more at her one year appointment if we are still having issues I guess...