Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mara's Little Friend

Today my friend Maggie stopped over with her husband Marshall and their little girl Lydia. They were on their way home from visiting some family. I had some boxes of baby clothes to pass on to Lydia, and hadn't seen her since she was about six weeks old. She's now almost four months old! She was so smiley and happy, and so much bigger!

Of course, she's still tiny compared to Mara (who looks like an Amazon woman here!). There are just over 6 months between the two of them. Mara wasn't quite sure what to think of Lydia. She's used to being the younger baby in groups, so she really checked Lydia out while she was sitting next to her!

Lydia smiled great for the pictures, but had her fingers in her mouth most of the time. Mara wouldn't crack a smile, even though she was smiling non-stop before and after we took them! Oh well...they still look cute together!

We're hoping to get together again for a playdate with them and our other friends and their year old baby, in a few weeks.


Isabella said...

Wow...Mara is sitting so nicely next to Lydia. My little one wants to be in any other baby's face - has to touch their hands, face, feet, etc.

Unless, of course, there are outtakes of this photo shoot you didn't post. :)

Katie said...

yeah, there were a few outtakes ;) She knocked her in the head, and almost dove off the couch at one point too. But mostly she just looked at her. Trying to figure out what 'it' was I guess ;)

Tobi said...

OMG! Could those pictures be any cuter?!!! Such good little girls! I haven't seen pics of Lydia since she was tiny--she sure is growing!'s funny to think that mara was lydia's size just a few months ago!!