Monday, March 16, 2009

Stroller Walks and Rocks

Today was a beautiful day, so when I got home from work, we went outside to enjoy it!

Despite the way she looks in the first picture, Mara really did enjoy her stroller ride. She loves being outside and going for walks - she's a people watcher and pays attention to everything going on around her. There were lots of people outside today, so she had fun seeing what they were all up to.

We sat on the patio after we got back. It was just too nice to go inside right away. Since the grass is still kind of damp and gross, we decided to just see what Mara thought about rocks. She wasn't too sure to begin with. She's pretty cautious about what she puts in her hands (and even more so about what she puts in her mouth!). But after a few minutes of just looking at them, she decided they were 'safe' - and then we couldn't get them away from her! She loved them - holding them, throwing them, grabbing new ones. We weren't sure if we'd ever get her back in the house again!

It was so much fun to get her outside again! I wish so badly that we had a nice yard for her to play in this spring and summer! I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time at my parents house since they have a huge yard, and lots of things to explore!


Jenna said...

and when we get a house, she can come run and play in our yard too!! :)

Andrea said...

Love the smiles! Drew noticed your X-mas card on the fridge the other day and said, "Wow! That's one happy baby!" Haha... =-)