Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I think for the most part, Jay and I are pretty laid back as parents. It helps that Mara has been a relatively 'easy' baby for us - always a great sleeper, usually pretty happy, and easy to entertain. But, like every parent, we get frustrated sometimes. At the time, it's hard to see past the frustration to realize that whatever I'm frustrated about isn't going to last forever.

Eating is a big issue for us. Mara has always been a determined eater. As in - determined to eat WHAT she wants, WHEN she wants it. And she wants it NOW! My breastfeeding plans didn't work like we had hoped, but she didn't have any issues with breastmilk in a bottle, or eventually formula. She loved cereal and baby food when we introduced that, which was great! She eats from a spoon really well. But now the issue is that she ONLY wants baby food. She doesn't want to venture out and try 'table food' - although we keep offering it to her. In the long run, I know this isn't a major issue at 11 months, but it's hard to not get frustrated about it sometimes when I offer her different things every day, and she turns them all down. She has no interest in feeding herself or picking food up. She's eating more and more, but we have to spoon-feed every bite to her.

Diaper changes are a bigger battle than ever now too. Most of the time she does ok on her changing table, and tolerates having her diaper and clothing changed. But get her out somewhere else, and she screams bloody murder, and rolls away or kicks and hits. Fun! Obviously normal behavior for her age, but it can get to you after awhile. The girl can scream like no other!!

And then there are the days when she decides she doesn't need to nap. Or that she wants to be clinging to me all day. Or when she's just really LOUD all day long.

But, I wouldn't trade any of it. In a few years, I'll miss the days when she wanted to be with me or have me hold her all day and read her books. When she starts eating on her own, I'm sure I'll barely remember the frustration of her not doing it. When she's out of diapers....naw, nevermind - I probably won't miss that!

Every day she changes more and more. Her personality is really starting to come through, and it's amazing to watch. (I think we will have quite an outspoken child on our hands!). I can handle the small frustrations -- I'm sure there will be many more to come! Luckily there will also be lots of wonderful moments that make it all worth it!


Jenna said...

you are great parents! She'll pull through on the eating eventually, and then she'll want to eat everything you and Jay put on your plate and not what you put in front of her! That was always fun when I was babysitting :) I cant believe how fast she is growing up! Im sure you will look back and wish she was this age again, but there are lots of great times ahead as well! :)

Andrea said...

Ah yes...the day they decide to fight through diaper changes was a fun one for us too! To this day, Lili still fights us most of the time...and now she's bigger and stronger! The biggest issue we have with it is her desire to stick her hands "down there", just to see our reaction. I made the mistake of telling her "No!" one time and since then she thinks it's the most hilarious thing. She has no boundaries either....could be pee-pee, could be poo-poo...all she knows is Mom and Dad freak out when she does that! I would say it gets easier, but in our case, it didn't! I'm certain Mara's pickiness with eating will change though! Maybe try tempting her with "crap" chips! HA! =-)