Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visiting Great Grandma

This afternoon we headed over to visit my Grandma. My sister Michelle and brother in law Dave came too. Mara was SO SHY when we first got there. I've never seen her like that! She was hiding against Jay, and when she looked at anyone she got scared. It was so weird! She eventually got over it and played with her toys and kept us entertained. She was VERY interested in the cuckoo clock too, and kept checking that out.

We played Phase 10 for awhile and Mara helped Uncle Dave with his strategy (I don't think it helped too much though!). We weren't able to finish the game because we had to break for dinner and then head home to put Mara to bed, so Jay is claiming he won because he was ahead when we stopped. None of the rest of us count that as a win, but we'll let Jay believe it for now. We all know how he hates to lose! ;)

By the time we left, Mara was definitely not being shy anymore and let everyone give her hugs and kisses goodbye. Although she did look at them like they were crazy when they tried to get her to blow a kiss! :)

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Jenna said...

Wish I could've been there. Looks like you guys had fun! :)