Saturday, February 14, 2009

Such a Good Girl!

I am always amazed at how well-behaved Mara can be. We are so lucky!

We went to get her pictures taken this afternoon. My expectations were pretty low, but I was hoping for at least one good smile. I was pleasantly surprised...she was so good, and seemed to really like the photographer, so she keep smiling and making funny faces for him (usually sticking her tongue out). She also sat still which is pretty much unheard of lately! We were very happy, and I'm looking forward to getting the pictures. I mean, we know she's the cutest kid ever (of course!), but it's nice to have pictures that prove it! ;)

Since we were at the mall, we decided to wander around a bit, so we put Mara in the stroller...and she loved it! She loves watching people, so she was perfectly content to just sit in the stroller and look around. And I got to go to the bookstore, so I was happy!

Instead of going out to eat, we just picked up some quick food and come home. It was close to Mara's bedtime, and we didn't want to have to wait to get in anywhere since we were both hungry.

Now, it's still early, but I'm probably going to go read for awhile and then go to bed! You know, a crazy Saturday night ;)


Andrea said...

You need to make sure to post the link when you get them! Can't wait to see them!! =-)

Katie said...

Now that I think about it...he never said anything about them being online and I never asked. So I'm not sure if they will be or not! (It used to be optional I think, but I'm not sure anymore). If I get a link though, I'll share it :)