Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink Eye!

Add Pink Eye to the list of things we're dealing with around here lately!

Mara's eyes were a little 'goopy' this morning, but she gets like that with a cold, her eyes weren't red, and she was acting like her normal self, so I wasn't concerned. Fast forward to this afternoon --at the doctor's office, and then getting eye drops for Pink Eye!

Luckily she seems to be feeling just fine, so that's a plus. Eye drops are not fun, but hopefully we'll manage them and she'll be back to normal soon. She is also teething, but seemed to feel better tonight after some Tylenol and a bottle.

My sister Jenna came over to watch Mara this evening while we went to do our taxes, so that was a big help to us...thanks Jenna! They had fun playing and reading books. :)

Our fingers are crossed that things will start to quiet down here a little bit in the near future! We're all VERY ready for spring!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

No problem! I had fun! :)