Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hooray for Antibiotics!

Well, after just two doses of antibiotics, Mara is definitely feeling better! She was so different today, it was amazing! Talking, playing, laughing and smiling. She's not sleeping as much, and you can just tell by her eyes how much better she feels. Thank goodness!

We're very glad to have our happy little girl back!

As the day goes on, I'm feeling a little better. At least I have a little more energy today. Hopefully I'll be going to work tomorrow, and then can use the weekend to get more rest!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Mara is doing better. Hope you are too.


Kirsten W. said...

Glad she's feeling better. We're in the exact same situation you are, surprise ear infections and on antibiotics. Just took dose 3 and he's definitely better, too. So hard to see them sick!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear she is finally feeling better!

Andrea said...

I used to LOVE it when we would take Lili in to the doctor and they would diagnose her with an ear infection. At least then we knew WHY she was so fussy and not sleeping well. We also knew that antibiotics were coming and she would be a happy baby soon! Glad Mara is doing better!

Jenny said...

Glad Mara is feeling better! Yay for antibiotics!