Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nine Month Photos

Sorry for the bad scanning job...I haven't used that thing for awhile!

These were taken on Valentine's Day...I just scanned a few of my favorites!

Feel free to shower me with compliments about my cute kid!!! ;)


Andrea said...

"Kid cute"? What does that mean? mean CUTE KID! Yep, she's definitely that! I can't believe how many awesome smiles you got out of her! Can't wait to see more!


Katie said...'re fast. I didn't even have time to go back and read what I wrote! Time to edit it ;)

And yeah...she is pretty cute!!

Isabella said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the tongue almost sticking out in the last one (and look at those teeth!).


Tobi said...

VERY CUTE!!!!! Those definitely turned out nice! :)

Michelle said...

She must take after her aunt, she's so cute! Ha ha. She looks so much grown up in these photos!