Monday, February 23, 2009

New Tricks

Mara is learning new tricks every day! She's getting up on all fours a lot, and we'd heard rumors that she was pulling herself up to stand at daycare. Usually at home she'd just pull herself up to her knees. we finally saw it for ourselves! Mara pulled herself up (and acted like it was no big deal, of course). Yay! She is such a big girl!

She's also figuring out how to get around our little 'road blocks' that we've put out for her! Smart girl! She keeps us on our toes, and definitely keeps things interesting.

I'm feeling a little stressed out today. Having to make 'adult decisions' always does that to me!

Tomorrow we have our tax appointment, and we're also picking up Mara's photos from her 9 month photo shoot a couple weeks ago. I'm excited to see them!

For now, I think I'm going to try to relax and read for a little while. And I definitely plan to go to sleep earlier than last night!

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Jenna said...

she is such a big girl! I was amazed watching her last night! She just seems so grown up already! Its fun to watch her play and babble and then smile at me :) I'm glad she wasnt afraid of me this time!