Sunday, February 8, 2009

Harry Potter

Since I'm not moving from my spot on the couch much this weekend, I've been watching some movies. Yesterday I watched the first Harry Potter movie, and today I'm watching the third one (I skipped #2 because it's my least favorite, and I saw it on TV not too long ago). I love these movies! The third one is my favorite I think. The new movie - The Half Blood Prince (#6) was supposed to be in theaters last November, but they delayed it until July. I'm anxiously waiting!

In case you haven't seen the trailer for it, check it out here: Half Blood Prince Trailer

I just started a new book yesterday, but watching these movies makes me want to re-read the Harry Potter books! I was planning to do it before seeing the new movie, so I may have to start soon! I can't remember a lot of the details in the last two books, so I'm anxious to re-read them!


Andrea said...

Dude...are you STILL sick??? You and your sister are both a mess!

Feel better! =-)

Katie said...

yes! I am sick of being sick!!