Thursday, November 26, 2009


master turkey carver!

attempting a family photo

this one's not too bad!

Mara getting started on dinner (she was getting cranky and tired, so she got a head start!)

ready for a feast!

Mara, Jenna, Derek, and Jay - ready to eat!

Mara enjoying some food

This year was the first time Jay and I attempted to cook Thanksgiving Dinner on our own. It turned out great! We made most of the food the night before, so it was nice to not have to be rushing around doing all of that in the morning. I put the turkey in the crockpot and it was really tasty! We did rolls, mashed potatoes (that was Jay's big project) and gravy today, and my sister and her husband brought stuffing and corn.

What a feast! Everything tasted great, I was so happy! Well, I haven't officially tested the apple pie yet, but the meal and pumpkin pie were great, so my fingers are crossed that the apple pie will be yummy too!

It was nice to be at home - Mara was definitely tired and cranky by the time she finished eating, so she started her nap while we finished up - it worked out really nicely! Jenna had to work at 3pm, so after she and Derek left, Jay and I just lounged around most of the afternoon. It was nice to just relax!

I don't know if it's from being up late cooking last night or what, but I've been pretty tired all afternoon and evening. Must be from all that turkey! I think it will be an early night.

I am so thankful for a healthy daughter and baby coming in a few months, a great husband who puts up with me, and fabulous friends and extended family. I am so blessed!

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