Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey, and Cranberry Sauce, and Pies...Oh My

It has been a busy night of cooking, but we are almost set for Thanksgiving! We decided to stay home this year and will have my sister and her husband over for a Thanksgiving meal.

We made our turkey tonight (our first time, and it turned out great!), made some cranberry sauce, and three pies! (two pumpkin, one apple). Tomorrow we'll make mashed potatoes and rolls. My sister is bringing stuffing and corn. Hopefully that will be enough food (ha!).

For now, I'm heading to bed...hopefully Mara will let us sleep until at least 7am...and then we'll start prepping more food. Should be a nice day, good food, football, and hanging out at home!

I'm sure I'll be sharing some photos...

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