Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

watcing Daddy carve the pumpkin

really interested in the pumpkin carving

checking out the finished product

our little lion eating a cookie at the daycare Halloween party on Friday

playing games at the daycare Halloween party

checking out the pumpkin on Halloween afternoon


Mara as a lion, posing with the pumpkin

Mara and cousin Rylee at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Uncle Derek helping Mara pick out some candy (she liked to empty the bucket and then fill it up again)

attempting to get both Rylee and Mara in a picture with Great Grandma

We had a fun Halloween! Mara loved wearing her costume and had lots of fun playing with candy (she did have a bite or two, but mostly she was happy to just play with it!). She got to see her cousin Rylee and actually looked at her a couple times and did say "baby" when she made a little noise. It was a fun weekend! Hard to believe that next year we'll have TWO little ones to dress up for Halloween!


Michelle said...

Looks like Mara had a great Halloween! Yesterday was a fun day!

Pat said...

The "Lion" is so cute! Nice artwork on the jack-o-lantern!