Monday, November 16, 2009

Table and Chairs

We've been wanting to get Mara a table and chair set for quite awhile. We were both so amazed to see her sit so nicely at a table at daycare, and thought she would love a set at home too - a place to sit to read books, eat snacks, color, etc.

I looked around for awhile, and asked for some recommendations. My friend Andrea showed me a set from Ikea that she has for her kiddos, so we checked that out and ended up really liking it -- so that's what we got. Mara loves it! The chairs are a little high for her, but she's mastered climbing up on them. She loves sitting at her table. (And yeah...sometimes she loves standing on her chair and then climbing up onto the table too...but oh well).

We don't have a permanent spot yet for the table, so for now it's in the middle of our living room, but hopefully we'll be able to rearrange a few things to find more room for it somewhere!

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