Tuesday, October 27, 2009

21 Weeks

I haven't been as good about taking belly pictures this time around as I was during my first pregnancy (I did a weekly picture starting at 12 weeks last time I think! This time I only have 2-3 pictures total so far!). I did manage to get one over the weekend though. I'm 21 weeks (almost 22 now) pregnant, and it's getting hard to hide (not that I'm really trying)!

I need to dig out my pictures from last time and see how they compare. Some people have guessed boy or girl based on this picture, but it's pretty evenly split so far. I feel like I'm maybe a bit bigger this time around at this point, but sometimes I don't feel like there is much there yet.

I am not feeling the baby move yet (I have felt a couple small 'pushes' but nothing consistent) because of the location of my placenta, so I am eager for that to start soon...that's my favorite part of being pregnant!

Overall, I am feeling pretty decent. I get worn out and hot pretty easily. Can't just stand around or be out and about shopping or doing things like that for long, but I'm used to that from last time! I've been taking Zofran, but not every day and not feeling too bad (usually some nausea right away in the morning, but it's been much better), so I'm pretty thrilled about that!!

It's hard to believe I am due in just over four months! I feel like I have a lot to accomplish before then...


Jenny said...

You look great, Katie! I know I showed a lot quicker with Connor, and I think I got bigger faster. Of course, part of that could be that he turned out to be a bigger baby than Matthew was, but I think part of it was that he was my 2nd full-term pregnancy too. With the holidays coming up, your new baby will be here before you know it! :)

Andrea said...

Well at least you've taken a few! I didn't take ANY pics of my belly with either of my pregnancies. I think there is only 1 pic of me preggo...and that was with Lili...at my baby shower! Outside of that...nada!

You really do look great in the pics! =-)