Friday, October 16, 2009

One Year Ago

Me (9 months) and my sister Michelle with Grandma Angie and Grandpa Lloyd - July 4, 1980.

Four Generations - Grandma Angie, Grandpa Lloyd, Barb (my mom) Maralyn, and me - June 8, 2008

Mara and her Great-Grandpa Lloyd - September 2008

It was a year ago today that my grandpa Lloyd passed away. He is so missed! His sense of humor and love for his family are something that I'll never forget.

I'm so glad he was able to meet Mara and spend time with her, even if it was just for a few months. I'm very sad that he didn't get to see her grow up and change - she is such a different little person already now than she was a year ago! I'm also sad he won't be able to meet our little baby coming in March.

But, I'm grateful for the time that we all had with him, and we have memories and photos to remind us of the great times! We miss you, Grandpa!


Sarah said...

How sweet, Katie! Love those pictures. I have a similar story - my sweet grandpa passed away last summer when Tyson was just 3 months old. It's sad thinking he hasn't gotten to see him grow up and his little personality emerge, but we have to hold onto those memories that we do have!

Jay said...

I don't think I've told you - but every time I see pass by the Beta fish at my store, I think of your grandpa because of that one he always had in that little bowl.