Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Use Words, Please

I feel like I keep saying this phrase over and over to Mara (and then saying the words we want her to learn, over and over!) There is no denying that she's a smart kid (mostly when it comes to being naughty!), but a little slow with talking. No big deal, but it gets a little frustrating now that we KNOW she understands words and knows what we're talking about. But she will often just point and grunt if she wants something, or even better...YELL.

Over the last couple of weeks though she seems to be picking up on a few words. For awhile now she's been saying kitty. Although it sounds more like "geeeeee!" or "keeeeee!" when she says it (and yes, always with an exclamation point, she's usually excited when she sees one of the cats!). If you tickle her or attempt to tickle her, she'll say tickle tickle over and over (it often sounds like "diggle diggle diggle" but is getting a bit more clear). She says hi and is now starting to say bye. Of course, only when she wants to, and definitely not always on command! But, at least it's something!

She's also starting to say "ma" or "my" - we are trying to figure out if she means MINE or MORE, or maybe both?

It's fun to see her try to say things, and fun when we actually understand what she's trying to say! I always used to poke fun at moms who would 'translate' what their kids were saying (because to anyone else it just sounded like gibberish), but that's the mom that I've become, and it's not so bad!


Jenna said...

that is so cute! I cant wait until shes talking so much you cant get her to stop ;) Or when she can say Auntie Jenna :) Or I guess "Denna" since my name is usually a little tough for kids to say!

Jenny said...

We've been trying to get Connor to use his words too. He still does a lot of grunting, pointing, & pulling mommy or daddy to what he wants.

Claudia said...

Steven was that way. Now we can't get him to shut up! :) At one point Natalie had the same sound that meant three distinct things-- "Da" meant dad, that, and peek (as in peek-a-boo, don't ask me why da was used for peek, but she still says da when she means peek). Little E (the girl I babysit for) gets FURIOUS if you don't give her what she wants. Okay, I've left you a book again, I just am so excited that I can relate to you, I suppose.