Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas...

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas with my Dad's family. Mara got several books as gifts, and read some with Grandma. Later on she took a nap on Uncle Dave (check out her little belly!). Not sure how that was confortable, but she didn't seem to mind! She also played drums with Daddy.

Today we took our tree down. I was just ready to get it out of there and get our living room back to normal. Mara enjoyed the lights before we put them away.

This week Grandpa David and Uncle Larry are coming to visit! I'm not excited about going back to work tomorrow, but at least I have Thursday off. Even though I've had quite a few days off, I still feel like I need a couple more, to get some things done around the house, and just relax a little more! But, it will be nice to get Mara back into some sort of schedule - she's a little out of her routine with some late nights lately!!

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Jenna said...

Cute pictures!! Mara seems to enjoy the lights! :)