Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Day

I took the day off today, but it sure didn't feel like a vacation day. I was busy ALL day. I did accomplish a lot, but now it's not even 9pm and I'm ready to go to bed!

I got up at the usual time and took Mara to daycare. It snowed last night, so the roads were a little slick, and several hadn't been plowed yet. But, I survived. I got home and worked on her stocking for a little while, before waking Jay up. We got ready, and headed out. Had to get gas, and then we headed to Target. We needed to get Christmas presents, household things, and groceries. Two hours and two full carts later, we were finally done! Went to the pet store and fell in love with the sweetest cat there that was up for adoption. What a snuggler. Does anyone need/want a cat?? If we could have, we would have brought him home (that's why I shouldn't be allowed in those stores!). We managed to finally pick up our cat food and leave the store. Ran to Best Buy, and then grabbed lunch. Came home to eat, put away groceries, and got ready to go out again...this time to see Twilight. Yes, for the 2nd time. And...I loved it! I liked it SO MUCH better than the first time. I guess because I could really enjoy it this time, and not compare it to the book the whole time. So, I really loved it, and wish I could see it again, but I'm sure that won't hopefully the DVD will be released FAST! (Yes, I'm a dork!) So, after the movie was done, we picked up Mara, went to the bank, then stopped at Shopko for a little while. Mara had an appointment to get her 2nd flu shot, so we went and got that done. By the time we got home it was time to eat, and then after a little playing and a bath, Mara went to bed. I worked on her stocking for a little while, and now I'm thinking about heading up to bed to read for a little while, and then going to sleep early!

Phew. I'm exhausted. Luckily, we did get *almost* all of our Christmas shopping done. I also put in an order online for a few things last night, and my Christmas cards are ordered. There are a couple things I'm making that I need to finish up, and a couple little things I'll have to pick up, but otherwise I'm in good shape I think! So, overall it was a productive day. Too bad I can't sleep in tomorrow morning!

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Andrea said...

I'm thinking that since you've gotten all of your stuff done...that you need to come up here and do mine! Oh...and bring some of those cookies you frosted with you!! HA! =-)

Glad to hear you've been so productive! So are ya gonna get that stocking done before X-mas?