Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It was a good weekend for bad weather, since I had a lot of things to get done at home! Christmas is sneaking up on me, and I still have a lot to do! Luckily it looks like the weather has calmed down for a little while, but it's still COLD!!

I did manage to get quite a few things done this weekend, but wish it had been more!

I got several loads of laundry done, finished up my Christmas cards, wrapped most of the presents (I have a few left, but the major ones are done!), and got some more of Mara's stocking done. I need to get back to working on Mara's stocking now. I was hoping to have it finished this weekend, but it's not going to happen, unless I stay up REALLY late tonight (And I mean REALLY sleeping at all! haha). I was also hoping to get some candies and goodies made today, but time just seems to fly -- when Mara's awake, I'm entertaining her, and when she's napping I'm trying to get a million things done at once! So, I'll be working on Mara's stocking until I go to bed, and candies will wait until tomorrow night!

I can't believe Christmas is on Thursday! I haven't even watched Rudolph or The Grinch yet!!!

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Celestia said...

We have only watched Rudolph and the Grinch about a million times! We have it on our DVR and my kids love them.