Friday, December 26, 2008

Mara's First Christmas

Mara had a fabulous first Christmas! She was a little spoiled, and was an angel both days -- even though they were both very long days for her. She loved opening her presents, and entertaining everyone around her!

We spent most of the day Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house. Lots of people, food and wine! We went to church that evening, and then spent a little time at my parents house. On Christmas Day, we opened presents from Santa in the morning. After a good nap for Mara, we headed over to my parents house. There was lots of food, and lots of gifts! It was a nice day, and even though we were there until 10pm and Mara didn't take an afternoon nap, she was still going strong until we left! She slept in this morning, which was nice! Today we are taking it easy at home. Tomorrow we have another Christmas party, and next week Grandpa David and Uncle Larry are coming! So, we are still staying busy!

I'll be back later on to share some photos -- there are A LOT to upload and sort through first!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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