Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Tonight Mara and I went to my parents house to help frost Christmas cookies. Well, Mara didn't help much - she actually probably made the process take longer. But she's so cute, who can possibly complain?

My mom made a lot of cookies, and we got them all frosted. That's my favorite part. Well, besides eating them! Mara wanted to help frost some, but, as you can tell from the photo, she wasn't interested in EATING them at all. Is she my kid?? Apparenly she doesn't like cookies. She's not a fan of 'solid' foods at all, or even putting things in her mouth (toys, etc). Kind of weird.

Mara played with Grandpa, and got sleepy as we finished up the cookies. A sure sign that she's getting tired is when she starts sucking her thumb. It's so cute! (or maybe I just think it's cute because I was a thumb sucker myself!).

Maybe next year she'll enjoy the cookies a little bit more. Grandma will probably be sneaking them to her when I'm not looking! I guess I'll just be grateful that she doesn't like them yet!


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look great. How do you get the frosting to look so shiny and 'glaze' like?


Michelle said...

I'm sure it won't take long until she enjoys cookies like the rest of us! ;)

Jenna said...

That picture of her and dad is super cute :)

Katie said...

Lisa...I don't know, my mom makes the frosting...all I know is that it's delicious!!

Michelle said...

Mom makes the best cookies and frosting!

Claudia said...

I Love your blog. I will look through it a little more when I have time, but right now I have a two year old and a seven month old clammering for needed attention. Thanks for sharing!!!

Claudia from BBC