Sunday, November 23, 2008


We had several people stop by today. After I ran some errands this morning, my parents came over to hang out and watch some of the Vikings game with us. Mostly to play with Mara I guess! She had a fun time keeping them entertained. After they left, she took a nice long afternoon nap (usually she takes a shorter nap in the afternoon, but they must have worn her out!). After she got up, my sister Jenna and her fiance Derek came over for a bit. Mara was a big fan of Jenna's fun and shiny purse. My baby girl, already wanting a purse. I don't know if I can handle it! She also enjoyed Derek's hat, and sat happily with them the whole time they were here.

Now that Mara's asleep for the night, I'm staring at my book, but thinking about my stocking....and wondering which will win out! Hopefully I'll get a little bit of each of them done!


Celestia said...

Her and that hat....too cute! Her hair looks like it is getting dark.

Tobi said... the one where she's totally lounging on both of your parents. is she getting over her cold?

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in that cap. How can she look so cute in everything?


Anonymous said...

I have some pretty cute pictures of her in that hat. I had a blast with her that day! I cant believe she sat there and played with us so long! :)
--Auntie Jenna