Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mara and Oliver

Last night Mara was kind of quiet, I suspected she might not be feeling well. She hadn't eaten much either, which is unlike her. She usually has a ton of energy, but she was happy just lounging on the floor quietly. Oliver joined her after awhile. He puts up with a lot from her already -- she is constantly grabbing his fur (and for those that know her well, you know how strong her grip is!). He doesn't mind though, and will often sit next to her, or walk by her, hoping to get pet. She will usually giggle when she sees him walking towards her, and he will nudge at her with his head, and purr. It's so cute! Last night he plopped down next to her on the floor and hung out.

Picasso is a different story! He keeps a safe distance, and still looks distressed if she's crying or screaming (which she loves to do lately, just for fun!).

By the way, Mara is fine today, and did perk up a little bit last night. Must have just been having 'one of those days' I guess!


Michelle said...

What a sweet kittie! Glad Mara is back to normal!

Celestia said...

That cat is huge! I love seeing picture of Mara, she is such a little angel.

Katie said...

haha...that's my SMALLER cat! He's about 13 pounds :)