Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma

On Tuesday evening I brought Mara over to visit Grandpa and Grandma. They hadn't seen her for a couple weeks, and she changes so much every day it seems! She had fun playing with them, and trying to get food off my plate while I ate (she loves doing this lately -- she's sneaky and quick!!). I gave Mara some peaches while we were there - her first fruit! I thought she'd love it, because she's used to veggies, but she was indifferent, and acted like she was going to gag a couple times. But, she managed to finish it, of course! Maybe she was just showing off for Grandma!


Michelle said...

She looks just like Jay in the one with Dad! Looks like they had a nice visit!

Tobi said...

hehe...too cute! mmmm peaches!