Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, Twilight!!

In case you've been living under a rock (or maybe just completely ignorning me), I have a small obsession with a little book called Twilight. Ok...FOUR books. And now a movie!

The movie opened today. I was planning to go on Monday (to avoid the crowds of teenage girls), but realized that they were having matinees today, since the movie technically opened last night at midnight. So, I decided I couldn't wait - so, we went this afternoon! I had no idea if it was going to be busy or not, so I bought tickets ahead of time, and we got there early. was empty. haha. A few other people came in before it started, but it was a pretty small crowd, so that was kind of nice!

I enjoyed the movie! They changed a lot of things from the book, and moved a few things around. Some of the effects were a little...weird. The movie was made with a pretty small budget, but I think they did a pretty good job. A couple scenes were kind of weird (there were a few moments when I wanted to laugh, and it wasn't because it was a funny scene!), but it all pulled together. I was hoping for a bit more story and character development, but since I had read the book, I at least knew the additional pieces that weren't shown. I was a little nervous about a couple of the people that were cast in certain roles, but overall I was pleased. Some of them seemed perfect! And Robert Pattinson as Edward turned out to be great, for the most part! Some definite eye candy there!!

It went so fast...I already feel like I need to see it again!

Oh and yes...Jay thought it was pretty good too. I explained a few things to him a little further afterwards so they made a bit more sense. I'm going to try to persuade him to read the book...we'll see how that goes! And maybe I can drag him to the movie with me again at some point too! ;)

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Michelle said...

The movie never seems to be quite as good as any book, but sounds like you enjoyed yourself! I really need to get reading that book! Maybe I should just put it on my Christmas list. Ha ha.