Sunday, November 9, 2008


Apparently feet are an exciting thing lately.... Mara loves when her feet are bare so she can play with her toes! She spent awhile this evening playing with this 'free' toy!

Otherwise today was a pretty quiet day. Jay and I cleaned up downstairs -- moved some of the toys that Mara has outgrown out to the garage, and got things organized a little better so the house isn't so cluttered! Watched the Vikes miraculously beat the Packers, and I ran a few errands around town after the game.

Finishing up some laundry now, and thinking about going to bed a little early again tonight. It seems to be a trend!!


Andrea said...

Too cute! I'm always amazed by how flexible babies are! I loved when Lili used to suck on her toes after her she's too busy kicking us and trying to get away! Cherish these moments now...they will soon be gone! =-)

Michelle said...

I wish I could get my toes in my mouth! Ha ha.