Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is it too early to listen to Christmas music?

It definitely felt like winter today! Before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving...and then Christmas!

I feel like I've been really busy lately, but then realize that I've accomplished nothing. After work I get home and hang with Mara until she goes to sleep, and then I'm usually tired and have no motivation to get anything done...

Today I went to visit baby Will Lane...what a cutie he is! So tiny! Got to hang out with Lili too (oh yeah, and Andrea and Shelly!). In a few days we're going to go visit baby Lydia, so I'm looking forward to that!

I didn't see Mara much today since I was gone most of the day, but tomorrow we plan to stay in and 'play' which will be fun!

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Michelle said...

YES! It IS too early to be listening to Christmas music!