Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Maralyn

It's starting to get colder, but I couldn't resist another fall photo of Mara. This is my favorite time of the year, and I hope Mara loves it too. She loves being outside, so we have tried to get her outside a lot recently to enjoy the weather before it becomes winter for 6 months!! She loves trees - hopefully someday we'll have a house with a yard and some trees!! We are hoping to carve pumpkins this weekend, and Mara will be dressing up for Halloween next weekend also.

Mara is also starting to really love animals. She adores our cats -- she giggles when she sees them, and loves to grab at them! We're working on the 'gentle' thing, but she doesn't really get it yet -- but so far, the cats have been very accepting of her behavior! She also recently met my sister Michelle's dogs, and loved them too. The bigger one Mari, is a little hyper, but Dori is nice and calm (and more Mara's size!). I love this picture of Michelle with Mara and the pups!


Michelle Roark said...

My doggies are so crazy! Good thing Mara still likes them. ;)

Andrea said...

Those pics are so cute!!! She's getting so big and becoming a little person! =-)