Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movies, Movies, Movies

Have I mentioned lately that I'm really excited to see Twilight in a few weeks? I saw an 'exclusive' clip online today and now I'm even more excited!! (check out msn.com -- the video clip is on the lefthand side).

I also want to see Changeling...and I think there are a few more coming out around the holidays that look good (I can't resist a funny Christmas movie!!)

Before Mara was born, Jay and I used to go to a ton of movies. It's harder to get out now obviously, but we've seen a couple in the past six months.

We decided that as our anniversary 'gift' to each other this year, we're going to sign up for Netflix, and start setting aside some time to watch movies together. I know there are a lot of movies over the last few years that we both wanted to see but never got the chance, so we're looking forward to movie time! Oh, and maybe some popcorn too :)


Michelle said...

You HAVE to have popcorn with movies! It's just not the same otherwise. We LOVE Netflix. You should each get your own queue and get 2 movies at a time so you can each pick one out...unless of course you both agree on movies all the time! We do not. ;)

Katie said...

we agree on a lot of movies, but Jay likes some 'kung fu' kind of stuff that I'm not really into!

Someone gave me a free trial month, so I think we're going to start with that!