Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mara started walking on Monday! We thought it might just be a fluke at first, but she hasn't really stopped walking since, so apparently it's for real!

She is surprisingly steady on her feet for the most part. She had been standing pretty steady for awhile, but never wanted to walk (except sideways, along a couch or table). But, it's always been Mara's style to just decide to do something and go for it. She doesn't always do things in the 'natural' order, and definitely keeps us guessing!

She giggles and cheers for herself sometimes while she's walking, which is really funny to watch!

I'll try to post a video soon!

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Jenna said...

Im so glad I got to see her walk over the weekend! She is so cute! :) I am just amazed by how fast she has grown up. Let me know when you want to come over and take her to the park by our house!