Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Girl!

Mara is constantly on the go lately. She is always busy, busy, busy!
Jay had to work today, so Mara and I hung out at home this morning. She has figured out how to get the doors to our DVD/CD cabinet open (it's not that hard, I need to get locks for them!), and loves to pull them all out. She knows she's not supposed to do it, and kept sneaking looks at me as she made her way over there.

After an unsuccessful morning nap (Mara talked happily in her crib the whole time she was supposed to be sleeping), we met Jay at work when he took one of his breaks. We looked at some kitties and got a bit to eat (they had a hot dog stand outside, yum!!). Then Jay went back to work and Mara and I went over to Home Depot to look at some plants. I bought a few, and will probably go back to get a couple more. There were a lot of people there since it was so nice out!!

We played outside for a bit when we got home, and Mara tried to put her shoes on after I took them off once we got inside. It was funny to watch - she knew where they were supposed to go, she just couldn't coordinate it. We attempted an afternoon nap, and this one went a little better - a little bit of sleeping anyway! The rest of the afternoon and evening we just played inside. Over the last week Mara has gotten pretty good at standing by herself. She doesn't even wobble! Tonight she was even 'dancing' (swaying back and forth) on her own!

She's feeling a little under the weather - has a bit of a cold and I think there must be something going on with some teeth. But, she was still a pretty happy little girl today for the most part!


Andrea said...

Love her little outfit! Those one-pieces are great, huh?

She's getting so big! Better get those gates up! =-)

Jenna said...

such a big girl! she'll be walking before you know it! :)