Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had pretty low expectations when we took Mara to see Santa at the mall on Friday. Of course, I HOPED she would sit on his lap and maybe even crack a smile, but she is hit or miss with strangers and shyness, so I wasn't counting on it. Realistically, I figured I would get a photo of Santa holding a blur --- Mara as she tried to get away. So, I was pleasantly surprised (thrilled!) when Mara sat on his lap with no problem, and even smiled a few times! Santa was taking a short break when we got there, and there was no one in line, so Mara got to look around a little bit before he got back. Then we sat her down on his lap, she checked him out a bit, and seemed fine. I snapped a few pictures myself, and the 'professional' took a few also. I was pretty happy with the results!

I thought the professional one turned out great! Afterwards Santa asked how old she was. When Jay told him she was 19 months he said he was very impressed with how well she did and that maybe we should buy some lottery tickets that day!

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the last photo!! She did awesome!